Security Recognition and Awards
                                Security Recognition and Awards





DCA February 2018 Monthly 

Award Recipients


From Left to Right:

Kiana Royster, DCA Security Supervisor

Everette Deanes, DCA Security Performance Manager

Ricardo Cruz, DCA Security Screener




DCA Screener Heybe Aden,

DCA 2017 Employee of the Year


From Left to Right:

Everett Deanes, DCA Security Performance Manager

Kevin Schmitt, Security East Regional Manager

Heybe Aden, Screener Officer

Michael Taylor, General Manager, Employee Screening

Darrell Cooper, Director of Security Services

DSS Awards

Top:           Albert Royer                                           Darren Crawford                                             Jennifer Simmons

Bottom:    Kenna Henry                                               Johnny Peck                                                      Crystal Simon










Rekiya Farrow

DGS Awards

From Left to Right:  BOS PM J. Gordon,

ATL Supervisor M. Whitt, ATL PM E. 

Powell and ATL Supervisor K. Blackmon




From Left to Right:  ATL PM E. Powell and

Camp Creek Lead Officer Chris Gibbs

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