Security Recognition and Awards
                                Security Recognition and Awards


Employee Recognition & Award Program Details



What DGS Security will recognize:


  • Individual & Team performance


  • Service that goes above and beyond







Nomination cards will be submitted on-line for recognition and awards when:

  • Exceptional job performance & Excellent customer service is observed
  • Peers, Supervisors, DGS Security Leadership, Delta Corporate Security, Delta Employees & Visitors will have access to submit a nomination for Exceptional job performance & Excellent customer service




Types of Nominations


  • DELTA EMPLOYEE OR VISITOR NOMINATION: A Delta employee or visitor may be given a DGS Security Survey Card if they wish to nominate an Officer or Supervisor for an exceptional job well done or for providing excellent customer service


  • PEER NOMINATION: Supervisors / Officers having witnessed an “exceptional” job well done, or “excellent” customer service being provided by their colleagues can go to the website and download a nomination card, complete and submit electronically on the website 


  • DGS SECURITY LEADERSHIP NOMINATION: A DGS Security Supervisor or Manager having witnessed an “Exceptional” job well done, or “Excellent” customer service being provided by their colleagues can go to the website and access a nomination card, complete and submit it electronically on the website


  • CLIENT NOMINATION: A Delta Corporate Security Team Member having witnessed a member of the DGS Security Team (Officer, Supervisor and/ or Manager) going above and beyond  while performing their duties, or providing ”Excellent” customer service may follow the instructions on the DGS Security Survey card to submit an employee recognition nomination form


  • Note: Self nominations are not accepted. Only one award type may be selected per submission. Multiple submissions are not accepted for the same reason for submission.



Award Time-Line



Award Nomination - All nominations must be submitted by the 29th of each month.


Award Determination - DGS Security Management Teams will determine winners for their stations for the previous month by the 10th of the current month.
Notification - All winners will be notified of having won the previous month's award by the 15th of the current month.


Order Submission - All order requests must be submitted by the merit winners within 5 business days of notification


Distribution - All items will be distributed to the merit winners upon the delivery to the station. 


Terms & Conditions


Valid for active DGS Security employees only


Program may be terminated at anytime


DGS Security employees who receive "Job Well Done" certificates may redeem them on the web site



 Any abuse of the program that compromises or circumvents program rules or policies  and procedures may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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