Security Recognition and Awards
                                Security Recognition and Awards

Employee Recognition & Awards Program




                                                                                     Types of Nominations



                                      DELTA Employee or Visitor Nomination                          DGS Security Leadership Nomination    



                                      Client Nomination                                                                  Peer Nomination     






                    Types of Awards and Levels                             



Individual Awards:





Up to 1 officer or supervisor from 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift from Zones 1, 2 and 3 will receive recognition and an award per month. Each monthly award carries a value of $30.00. 






Three awards will be given quarterly. The winners will be announced at the quarterly Town Hall meetings. The three quarterly tier level awards carry the following values:



            Silver - $50.00 value                    Gold - $ 75.00 value                             Platinum - $ 100.00 value



Awards can only be used to purchase items from DeltaShop, which is located on the Deltanet website




Team Awards:





 Each zone will compete to be the top performing zone per quarter for recognition and a quarterly luncheon.






Each zone will compete to become the top performing zone per year for recognition, bragging rights and token of appreciation.

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